Thursday, February 24, 2011

....with a splash of cheetah

forever 21 head to toe

So, today marks the beginning of my spring break and I'm super excited! Going to Miami for the first time without my family. I went years ago when I was a kid on family vacations, so never really got to experience it. That means today I was just trying to throw on something, go to my one class and be out! Be as comfortable and cute as possible. I had to wear these cheetah or leopard (shrugs) booties. I thought they gave a nice edgy touch to a very simple outfit. I didn't try this morning so I wanted it to look like I put a little thought into it. 

My planes leaves at 8:59 in the morning...I hate morning flights. Well, I hate flying period but I'm super excited. I hope I have a good time especially since I'll be there my whole spring break. I know I will though. I don't know if I'll be posting anything within the next week as of now but you'll know if I post something lol. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you tell it's spring yet?

shorts, jean shirts, & belts| purple shirt, floral oxfords, cross necklace & rings- forever 21

I was super excited this day! I had received my packages from forever 21 and I was anxious to get home and try on everything! Glad to say everything fits perfect! Well, the shoes are a tad big. I wear a 8-81/2 but I have to order a 9 because they don't come in half sizes. No worries though. Once I tried some stuff on I decided to wear the floral oxfords and the purple shirt, I had on my cheetah shoes again and I was tired of wearing those.

I got that mens jean shirt from good will the other was only a dollar and some change..SCORE!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixed Print

 dress & belt- thrifted| shoes- DSW| purse- forever 21

I know you must be tired of seeing this purse! I kind of made it into my school bag, so there's no getting rid of it. Besides, I think it looks great with everything and I'm not big on changing purses everyday. I carry a lot of stuff but I must admit, I'm tired of seeing it myself. I'll try to switch it up promises though ; )
This would be my third time wearing this dress and this is my favorite look. It's the first time I got to wear it by itself. I bought it at the beginning of winter so I always had to layer it. LOVE the print. It's actually a big dress, so I belt it to make it fit. I scored it for $1. Yes, I love thrift stores.

I just recently found out that Miami fashion week will be next week and I will be there! :) I'm going to Miami for my spring break to check out the school I want to transfer to so I got lucky! So hopefully I'll have some good pics to post when I get back!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Hair | Beach Photos | Random Photos

So, I'm in love my new camera....just thought I'd say that again. I take it everywhere, I think the quality is so good! Obviously it's a major upgrade from my regular compact digital camera. Imagine how I'll be once I get a SLR camera. 
I posted a few pics I took over the weekend. I'm trying to get use to the camera and how it works...really getting a thing for photography. :)
Also, you can see that I have hair now. I was bored with my bald head and was ready for something new, which I always am, so I decided it was time for big curly hair again. I'll probably be wearing hair like this more often...who knows. 
*people in the photos are my brothers and sisters from my school organization, Epicurean Modeling Troupe....we were having a beach social*

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring came early...

shorts & jacket- thrifted, pink top target, socks- forever 21

Been going threw a lot of mixed emotions lately....not a good thing. I let too many things get to me. It's starting to effect my mood and attitude. So, I find myself in church now seeking a little guidance. I've also come to realize that the school I'm attending is not for me at all! I've now officially chosen a new school to transfer to, Miami International University of Art & Design. I should have went to a school like this in the first place. But I was chasing that ultimate college life crap. I sit in class thinking, "why am I here? I have no interest in what I'm learning." Which is Mass Communications. So, I'm changing my major to Fashion Merchandising. (Why didn't I go with this first?) Something I'm actually interested in. Plus my school is too ghetto..smh.

Florida weather is back to being awesome! 70 degree of course I pulled out a tank and shorts to enjoy it! 

So, I finally got my new camera. Not the one I'm saving up for(Nikon D3000) but a coolpix digital camera to hold me over until I get the SLR. Really liking it so far......

A few test shots.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have to put yourself in check sometimes...

mens sweater-thrifted| gray jeans- marshalls| forever 21 bag| DSW boots

Sometimes I feel I let myself get caught up in things and lose myself, what I believe in, and how I want to be perceived. That's something I realized today. I get too caught up and lose focus on what's really important. That's okay sometimes, because I always check myself somewhere along the way. I have to stop for a minute and reevaluate my surroundings, people and how it's all effecting me as a person. As long as I come back to my real reality.

Very casual today. The weather is cold again in Florida so I decided to wear this sweater again. Wanted to be really warm and comfortable. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion Sweatpants | Take 2

sweats,shoes,bag-forever 21| blue blazer-thrifted

My days are long......nothing really on my mind today.

This outfit was definitely a planned one. I actually thought about it two days before. I wanted to pair those sweats with a blazer and there you go!