Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring came early...

shorts & jacket- thrifted, pink top target, socks- forever 21

Been going threw a lot of mixed emotions lately....not a good thing. I let too many things get to me. It's starting to effect my mood and attitude. So, I find myself in church now seeking a little guidance. I've also come to realize that the school I'm attending is not for me at all! I've now officially chosen a new school to transfer to, Miami International University of Art & Design. I should have went to a school like this in the first place. But I was chasing that ultimate college life crap. I sit in class thinking, "why am I here? I have no interest in what I'm learning." Which is Mass Communications. So, I'm changing my major to Fashion Merchandising. (Why didn't I go with this first?) Something I'm actually interested in. Plus my school is too ghetto..smh.

Florida weather is back to being awesome! 70 degree of course I pulled out a tank and shorts to enjoy it! 

So, I finally got my new camera. Not the one I'm saving up for(Nikon D3000) but a coolpix digital camera to hold me over until I get the SLR. Really liking it so far......

A few test shots.

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