Friday, October 7, 2011

...and when I'm gone, there's no turning back.

I made it through the first quarter at my new school in Miami. It's been three long months and I'm still ready to leave more than ever. I am, however, being more optimistic about the rest of my stay here. I'm really determined to find a job in retail to gain experience in the area and to save for my very first apartment. I do a lot of complaining about what I don't have but I never actually try to change that. Well, now I will.

 top & bag: thritfted| skirt: forever 21| shoes: Ross

I realized I don't have to depend on anyone but myself to get the things I want. My mother was doing it on her own at my age, and she had a child. It's just me, so if she could manage I definitely can.  I just want to start being more responsible and stop sitting around waiting for things to happen. It's time to start making them happen. The first step is finding a job. Second, getting the hell out of Miami.