Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you tell it's spring yet?

shorts, jean shirts, & belts| purple shirt, floral oxfords, cross necklace & rings- forever 21

I was super excited this day! I had received my packages from forever 21 and I was anxious to get home and try on everything! Glad to say everything fits perfect! Well, the shoes are a tad big. I wear a 8-81/2 but I have to order a 9 because they don't come in half sizes. No worries though. Once I tried some stuff on I decided to wear the floral oxfords and the purple shirt, I had on my cheetah shoes again and I was tired of wearing those.

I got that mens jean shirt from good will the other was only a dollar and some change..SCORE!


  1. Cuteness. I can't wait till it gets warm here. I'm making a thousand pair of shorts like that! And I knew those shoes were from Forever.. seen them before =D

  2. I saw some oxfords like that in Claire's and I almost got them. This post makes me regret not getting them.


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