Sunday, October 28, 2012

I would never eat your homework

  American Apparel Riding Pants| Forever 21 crop hoodie| Urbanog animal print heels 

My absolute fav. pair of high waist pants! The riding pants from American Apparel. I have navy, black and I want the purple, gray and green ones. I really should have did that while I was working there (damn). These will run you about $84! And sadly I ruined the ones here with bleach stains (smh). You can bounce, flip, jump, kick, do a split and they move right with you! 

This is actually a pre-planned outfit. I have work the rest of the week and can't post but this is what I will be wearing tomorrow. I'll just be trading in the heels for flats of course. It feels good to be excited for work again, that is if I get to go. A storm is suppose to be hitting tomorrow, so I'll see. Oh, and just as I was getting back into the flow of blogging again I have to give my (my meaning my boyfriend's) computer back to my boyfriend. My computer died a while ago, bless it's computer-y soul. So, the plan is to get a cheap little notebook laptop to hold me over until I can get another MAC. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


American Apparel raglan pullover | Forever 21 leather leggings | urbanog platforms

I don't know what the hell was going on with my camera last time because this time the photos turned out great, huh? Shot by my big brother again. We had a little sit down about exactly how I want them shot and he actually listened and delivered! I'm glad he enjoys it because this is now his job, permanently. You get to see a little of my front yard. I shot in every part of it. It looks so great in photos not so much in person. Don't you love how fall-y it looks?!

I'm definitely settled in now and most importantly......dun dun duuuuuuuuun, I have a JOB! I am now employed at H&M which is such a big change from American Apparel, and a much needed one at that.  My first day was Friday and it went pretty well. I like my co-workers so far. I was really close with my co-workers at AA and I'm sure it will never be like that again. Miami and the people there is just a totally different vibe! Anyway, I love these shoes. I got them in the summer (perfect color for fall, right?) and this would be my second time wearing them. Very comfortable and easy to walk in but you CAN go tumbling over!! I love this outfit, just keeping it simple....for now.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Settled In

It's been two weeks now since I've been in DC. I'm finally feeling comfortable and getting use to the area I'm in. I don't know why I keep saying DC! I actually live in Maryland which is 20 minutes from downtown DC. Since I stay in the DMV area, I can just go 5 minutes down the road and I'm in DC or  Virginia. So it's the metropolitan area. I just LOVE going downtown, which is where all the monuments and things are. Absolutely beautiful! The city just looks so big and full of surprises. I love that! Too bad I don't live downtown. I don't even want to get into what my living situation is! Absolutely dreadful! 

Finally got to put my new camera to use. I let my brother take pictures of me because I don't have a tripod anymore. It broke. The pictures are a little blurry and the quality isn't that great because I shot at the worst time, so lighting is bad and this is like my brother first time using a camera, at least that's what it seemed like. 

 forever 21 top| american apparel jeans| thrifted bag

I planned on finding a job within the first two weeks of me being in town. I've only been on one interview, by choice. I'm trying to work at H&M and I'm currently going through the interview process. I got called back for my second interview today. Let's hope this falls through. If not, I'll being taking my behind right back to American Apparel.

It's actually been cold here but this week we're getting some nice warm weather, so I wanted to wear this strapless top that I didn't get a chance to wear back in Florida. I paired it with my high waist jeans for a casual look. I really want some boyfriend jeans. I'd wear those suckers every other day. They look great with everything! Let's definitely ignore my HIDEOUS hairstyle. Absolutely hate it!! It's a very awkward length and does not flatter my face but I have to stick with it for now, sadly.