Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixed Print

 dress & belt- thrifted| shoes- DSW| purse- forever 21

I know you must be tired of seeing this purse! I kind of made it into my school bag, so there's no getting rid of it. Besides, I think it looks great with everything and I'm not big on changing purses everyday. I carry a lot of stuff but I must admit, I'm tired of seeing it myself. I'll try to switch it up promises though ; )
This would be my third time wearing this dress and this is my favorite look. It's the first time I got to wear it by itself. I bought it at the beginning of winter so I always had to layer it. LOVE the print. It's actually a big dress, so I belt it to make it fit. I scored it for $1. Yes, I love thrift stores.

I just recently found out that Miami fashion week will be next week and I will be there! :) I'm going to Miami for my spring break to check out the school I want to transfer to so I got lucky! So hopefully I'll have some good pics to post when I get back!

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  1. love the whole look!!! have fun in miami! i graduated from barry!


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