Monday, December 5, 2011


So, I'm in love with velvet! I got this velvet skirt from American Apparel. They have four colors and I plan on getting them all. Well, I want them all but I don't know if I'll be getting them all ha ha. Let's hope for the best. Velvet is such a pretty material that can be dressed up or down, I just love it! I have a pretty cool top on. The back is cut out and tied at the top but of course I forgot to snap a pic of it. 

If  you want to see it in motion you can go to my youtube channel fashionably and watch it there. 

                                                      top & bracalets:| velvet skirt : american apparel| tights: forever 21
I thought that I'd mention I plan on giving my blog a new look. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet, so the layout may keep changing for a few days.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things will get better with time

I'm glad to say that everything has been going much better since the last time I posted. I am now employed at American Apparel and having a job has made everything a lot better. So, I now spend most of the week working. I must say, working retail is not as "fun" as I thought it would be but no complaints here. I'm just enjoying working. I'll be adding some American Apparel clothes in with my wardrobe because I have a lot of there clothes now, being we have to dress in all AA. 
                                                                           american apparel shoes| forever 21 tights| thrifted sweater & shorts

I have been gone for a while but I will be back to my regular posting. It's been way too long. Plus, I'll have way more time on my hands. Winter break is coming up.