Thursday, January 27, 2011

Windy Day

random vest/stylez shirt/thrifted belt and pants/forever 21 tights/DSW shoes
This week isn't going so well. I'm not happy, it's a lot of stuff that's annoying me at school. Of course it's at school, the very place I can't stand to be. Anyway, it's mostly my classes. I missed a class two times because  I couldn't get up in the morning and I feel like the work is overwhelming me because I keep letting it pile up. It's not a lot but I don't know why it feels like my day is so short and I never have time to do it. I do still get it in on time but it's always last minute. I use to blame it on being on the computer too much but I haven't been on as much as I use to. Let's hope next week is better.

Today, I was running behind, again! So, I literally rushed and put these clothes on. This is one of those times when I knew these pieces would work good together. That's why I went with it. : )



Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Dreaming

blazer- thrifted skirt/tights/socks/bag - forever 21 boots- DSW

I'm becoming so exhausted with everything. I'm just so busy. I feel like I don't have time to just breathe. This is an outfit I put together really fast this morning. No thoughts about it. I actually wasn't satisfied with it but I didn't feel like changing. I was just such in a good mood and was ready to get my day started.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red skirt + Blue jean shirt

blue jean skirt/ red high waist pencil skirt- thrifted tights/bag/shoes- forever 21

It was so freaking bright outside! That's why my face is looking a little rough, couldn't take the sun. 

I've been so caught up in extra curricular activities that I've been losing focus on my goals I set this year for school. I'm really aiming to do a great job this semester. I hate how you can plan all these good goals for yourself and as soon as you get back into your environment, you go back into to old habits. I thought this semester would be a breeze but I already know I'll have a tough time in my journalism class. He's incredibly boring, so it's hard to listen without going off into space. I won't lose my focus. I'm definitely going to reach my goals. Just have to get my priorities straight.

Today was suppose to be a warm day but it began to get really chilly. How disappointing! 

I literally dreamed this outfit up. Woke up and knew I wanted to wear these pieces together. Weird right?



Bright Sweater

sweater and shorts-thrifted, over the knee socks and bag-forever 21, combat boots- DSW

This day it was very warm! Yay for Florida weather. It gets really cold here and then out of nowhere it gets warm.It was still cool enough to wear a sweater and shorts and be comfortable. I really like the color of this sweater and it can also be worn as a dress. It's quite big. 



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Navy Blue

sweater, blazer, belt, earrings- thrifted  tights, socks, shoes, bag - Forever 21

The first week back at school is officially over today. I'm satisfied with all of my classes and this semester I plan on getting straight A's. I'm very determined, so I hope I can stay focused. I've already gotten a little side tracked with my goals for this semester but I figured since it's only the first week I would let that slide.

This outfit is actually the first outfit in a long time that took me a while to put together. I usually go to bed with something in mind that I want to wear but it didn't happen like that this time. I really wasn't feeling it and I added the blazer as a last minute attempt to revamp the outfit. Well, I think it worked out in my favor. 

The socks were also a last minute attempt and when I added those, I realized how match-y the outfit is. Totally not my thing but I enjoyed wearing something a tiny bit out of the norm for me. Wearing this sweater made me realize how much I like square patterns, so this sweater is definitely added to my fav. list.



Cosby Sweater!

sweater and shorts, thifted random tights, booties and bag, forever 21

This sweater reminds me so much of "The Cosby Show"! It's one of my favorite sweaters I purchased at the thrift store! $4 to be exact. I love a good deal. Anyway, I think dressing for the weather is completely overrated sometimes. I get stares for wearing shorts like this in 55-60 degree weather here in Florida. My legs are not even cold!! That's what the tights are for right??

This was such a last minute shoot. I was coming from a meeting and was waiting on a friend. Decided to snap a few shots. As you can see my head is cut off. Yes, I was looking pretty rough! So don't get use to the pics being like this. I just thought it looked better put together in this way.