Thursday, February 24, 2011

....with a splash of cheetah

forever 21 head to toe

So, today marks the beginning of my spring break and I'm super excited! Going to Miami for the first time without my family. I went years ago when I was a kid on family vacations, so never really got to experience it. That means today I was just trying to throw on something, go to my one class and be out! Be as comfortable and cute as possible. I had to wear these cheetah or leopard (shrugs) booties. I thought they gave a nice edgy touch to a very simple outfit. I didn't try this morning so I wanted it to look like I put a little thought into it. 

My planes leaves at 8:59 in the morning...I hate morning flights. Well, I hate flying period but I'm super excited. I hope I have a good time especially since I'll be there my whole spring break. I know I will though. I don't know if I'll be posting anything within the next week as of now but you'll know if I post something lol. 



  1. Great use of colors. Love the shoes.

  2. Lovely outfit! Your shoes look great with all the pastel colors. :D

  3. girl your amazing beautiful hair


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