Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Hair | Beach Photos | Random Photos

So, I'm in love my new camera....just thought I'd say that again. I take it everywhere, I think the quality is so good! Obviously it's a major upgrade from my regular compact digital camera. Imagine how I'll be once I get a SLR camera. 
I posted a few pics I took over the weekend. I'm trying to get use to the camera and how it works...really getting a thing for photography. :)
Also, you can see that I have hair now. I was bored with my bald head and was ready for something new, which I always am, so I decided it was time for big curly hair again. I'll probably be wearing hair like this more often...who knows. 
*people in the photos are my brothers and sisters from my school organization, Epicurean Modeling Troupe....we were having a beach social*


  1. Loving the hair and the outfit you wore to the beach...x

  2. Cute pics!!! What type of camera did you get?

  3. wow, it seems I have missed a lot. I am planning on wearing a lot of curly hair next semester also because I have decided to grow out my short hair.

  4. You look GORGEOUSSS! BTW. You have a lot more comments coming from me so consider yourself warned.


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