Saturday, January 15, 2011

Navy Blue

sweater, blazer, belt, earrings- thrifted  tights, socks, shoes, bag - Forever 21

The first week back at school is officially over today. I'm satisfied with all of my classes and this semester I plan on getting straight A's. I'm very determined, so I hope I can stay focused. I've already gotten a little side tracked with my goals for this semester but I figured since it's only the first week I would let that slide.

This outfit is actually the first outfit in a long time that took me a while to put together. I usually go to bed with something in mind that I want to wear but it didn't happen like that this time. I really wasn't feeling it and I added the blazer as a last minute attempt to revamp the outfit. Well, I think it worked out in my favor. 

The socks were also a last minute attempt and when I added those, I realized how match-y the outfit is. Totally not my thing but I enjoyed wearing something a tiny bit out of the norm for me. Wearing this sweater made me realize how much I like square patterns, so this sweater is definitely added to my fav. list.




  1. I love the vintage earrings!

  2. I am a sucker for blazers and oxfords. Love it.

  3. hot look!
    and lovin the hair colour even if its not meant to be that colour


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