Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cosby Sweater!

sweater and shorts, thifted random tights, booties and bag, forever 21

This sweater reminds me so much of "The Cosby Show"! It's one of my favorite sweaters I purchased at the thrift store! $4 to be exact. I love a good deal. Anyway, I think dressing for the weather is completely overrated sometimes. I get stares for wearing shorts like this in 55-60 degree weather here in Florida. My legs are not even cold!! That's what the tights are for right??

This was such a last minute shoot. I was coming from a meeting and was waiting on a friend. Decided to snap a few shots. As you can see my head is cut off. Yes, I was looking pretty rough! So don't get use to the pics being like this. I just thought it looked better put together in this way.


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  1. I love that sweater and shorts together. Good look.


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