Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red skirt + Blue jean shirt

blue jean skirt/ red high waist pencil skirt- thrifted tights/bag/shoes- forever 21

It was so freaking bright outside! That's why my face is looking a little rough, couldn't take the sun. 

I've been so caught up in extra curricular activities that I've been losing focus on my goals I set this year for school. I'm really aiming to do a great job this semester. I hate how you can plan all these good goals for yourself and as soon as you get back into your environment, you go back into to old habits. I thought this semester would be a breeze but I already know I'll have a tough time in my journalism class. He's incredibly boring, so it's hard to listen without going off into space. I won't lose my focus. I'm definitely going to reach my goals. Just have to get my priorities straight.

Today was suppose to be a warm day but it began to get really chilly. How disappointing! 

I literally dreamed this outfit up. Woke up and knew I wanted to wear these pieces together. Weird right?



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