Thursday, January 27, 2011

Windy Day

random vest/stylez shirt/thrifted belt and pants/forever 21 tights/DSW shoes
This week isn't going so well. I'm not happy, it's a lot of stuff that's annoying me at school. Of course it's at school, the very place I can't stand to be. Anyway, it's mostly my classes. I missed a class two times because  I couldn't get up in the morning and I feel like the work is overwhelming me because I keep letting it pile up. It's not a lot but I don't know why it feels like my day is so short and I never have time to do it. I do still get it in on time but it's always last minute. I use to blame it on being on the computer too much but I haven't been on as much as I use to. Let's hope next week is better.

Today, I was running behind, again! So, I literally rushed and put these clothes on. This is one of those times when I knew these pieces would work good together. That's why I went with it. : )




  1. UGHHH : / I cant stand school eithier ; but lace and combat boots = love.

  2. You were right, those pieces do look well together. Yeah, school can get like that sometimes, just can't procrastinate.


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