Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tell me who gone take me off?

Beyonce's Bow Down/I Been On is currently on repeat! These songs get me so hype. I'm going to her world tour in JULY!!! Can not wait!! Plus, that's my birthday month :). Anyway, I want to live, sleep, and bathe in this outfit. Definitely going down as a favorite. Gives me a Kate Moss vibe. I usually hate mini skirts, but being that my bottoms are a skort they were clearly made for me. 

I'm wearing the infamous skort from Zara, H&M Icon tee, H&M mesh booties, and H&M jewelry. In other exciting news, I've decided to move to New York. That has always been my main goal and since school is not going the way I planned, why shouldn't I? I gave myself six months to prepare. Hopefully I'll be there sooner. :)))))

Until next time...


  1. you look flawless!


  2. #sofly #bombshell

  3. Love this look girl!!! Divine! Great blog! Good luck in coming to New York, you'll love it here! :)

  4. A+ outfit! everything about it!


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