Monday, April 22, 2013

I wake up to you, go to sleep to you

I went to New York for the weekend. Of course I didn't take any pics!! I had the most amazing time. My new and most important goal is now to move New York!! Moving on, I got these amazing shorts from H&M, men's section of course. I'm so in love with this PRINT!! I don't like the shirt I paired with it but I didn't really have anything else. It'll have to do and I'll just have to style these bad boys again.

Music by Brandy is currently on repeat right now. Favorite song at the moment. 

I'm wearing an American Apparel crop top & book bag, H&M shorts and pullover, Urbanog heels. I tried to give you guys a different background. Fail. I chose the wrong time of the day to shoot. There was no sunlight and lawd knows I NEED light. The images just came out poorly overall but once again, what else is new?

Until next time...

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