Saturday, April 27, 2013


I usually wouldn't wear something like this. Low waist pants with a super crop top. It just has RATCHET all over it. I've just been feeling low waist pants so much lately, so I pair them with everything. So, no, I wouldn't go out in public with my stomach on blast like this. At least not that much showing. A little midriff is okay but not my whole stomach. The very first pic is how I would actually go out. Decently covered. ;) 

I'm wearing a crop top from American Apparel, my new favorite pair of pants from H&M (men section of course), a plaid shirt I stole from my brother, Urbanog heels, H&M gold chain necklace, and American Apparel sunnies.

 I hate my hair in these photos. I'm getting so sick of it. It's really because it needs to be cut and tamed. Oh, I decided to dye my hair blonde!! Stay tuned for that. ^_^

Until next time....


  1. i love the super crop! why not wear it out? you have a great tummy :)


    1. Thank you! If I was going to an event, like a festival or something, I would. I personally can't take myself seriously showing that much of my stomach in an everyday outfit. I feel like that's for someone in middle school or high school.

  2. I think your hair looks great. Can't wait to see what you do to it though.
    Lovely outfit

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    1. Thanks! It always looks better in the pics. Different story in person. I'm nervous about it. If my hair is shaved next time I post, it went terribly wrong.


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