Sunday, October 28, 2012

I would never eat your homework

  American Apparel Riding Pants| Forever 21 crop hoodie| Urbanog animal print heels 

My absolute fav. pair of high waist pants! The riding pants from American Apparel. I have navy, black and I want the purple, gray and green ones. I really should have did that while I was working there (damn). These will run you about $84! And sadly I ruined the ones here with bleach stains (smh). You can bounce, flip, jump, kick, do a split and they move right with you! 

This is actually a pre-planned outfit. I have work the rest of the week and can't post but this is what I will be wearing tomorrow. I'll just be trading in the heels for flats of course. It feels good to be excited for work again, that is if I get to go. A storm is suppose to be hitting tomorrow, so I'll see. Oh, and just as I was getting back into the flow of blogging again I have to give my (my meaning my boyfriend's) computer back to my boyfriend. My computer died a while ago, bless it's computer-y soul. So, the plan is to get a cheap little notebook laptop to hold me over until I can get another MAC. 


  1. Love this look, that sweater is adorable and those pants fit you like a glove! Oh and your makeup is flawless, you look Gorgeous! :-)

  2. even if I wish to I can' say anything bad about you, perfection.

  3. I found you via chictopia ! I love how you wear the riding pants, I have it myself and something I don't know how to wear it :)

    Stop by me blog if you have a sec

    1. Thank you! I really feel they can be worn with anything and look amazing from crop tops to tucked in blouses.

  4. Fab outfit!!! Love, love, love your blog!
    Wanna follow each other?


    Chic All Over

  5. I can believe how beautiful you are :) Seriously !! I love this sweater a lot

    Great blog girl

    Bisous from France

  6. love the pants! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  7. I'm in love with that hoodie! And those heels are perfection.


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