Saturday, October 27, 2012


American Apparel raglan pullover | Forever 21 leather leggings | urbanog platforms

I don't know what the hell was going on with my camera last time because this time the photos turned out great, huh? Shot by my big brother again. We had a little sit down about exactly how I want them shot and he actually listened and delivered! I'm glad he enjoys it because this is now his job, permanently. You get to see a little of my front yard. I shot in every part of it. It looks so great in photos not so much in person. Don't you love how fall-y it looks?!

I'm definitely settled in now and most importantly......dun dun duuuuuuuuun, I have a JOB! I am now employed at H&M which is such a big change from American Apparel, and a much needed one at that.  My first day was Friday and it went pretty well. I like my co-workers so far. I was really close with my co-workers at AA and I'm sure it will never be like that again. Miami and the people there is just a totally different vibe! Anyway, I love these shoes. I got them in the summer (perfect color for fall, right?) and this would be my second time wearing them. Very comfortable and easy to walk in but you CAN go tumbling over!! I love this outfit, just keeping it simple....for now.


  1. Oh wow you're gorgeous. I love those leggings! xx

  2. OMG - i love your style!

    Always perfect in different ways!

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  3. I used to work at H&M for 2 years, you will for sure love it! Good luck w/ everything!

    1. Really? Which one did you work at? That's so foreign to hear, "I've worked there for two years". It was very rare to meet someone at American Apparel (besides upper management) that stayed that long. I couldn't even imagine. I really do hope I love it.


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