Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hardly Breathing

American Apparel Sweater| H&M Drawstring Pants| Urbanog Heels

For the longest I have always HATED white pumps! I thought they were ridiculously tacky, but this year I've some how fallen completely in love with them! The shoes in this post are my very first pair and definitely will not be my last. I think they make any and every outfit look instantly chic. Sadly, it's getting too cold here to wear them often but they will be anxiously awaiting the spring to re-appear. Even though I'd much rather wear them in the fall/winter. I think it makes more of a statement. 

I've got through my first week of work (kind of). I do like the job. I have no big complaints. Retail is retail. I will say the work load is a shit ton more. I work in a much, much bigger store than American Apparel and it's absolutely crazy!! It keeps me busy ALL day so it's fine. I don't really like the work atmosphere that much, meaning the people. I think it's because I grew up in the South and I am not in the South anymore. We're just much, much more friendly there. You know, good ol' southern hospitality. Not saying that my co-workers are mean little assholes, I have met a lot of nice people. It's just......different. It's going to take a little longer to break the ice it seems. 

The title of my post is a song from Brandy's new album, Two Eleven. Currently on repeat and have been since I bought it. In LOVE with it and her!! If you haven't got it yet, YOU SHOULD! 


  1. Love that collar necklace! Goes great with the colour of the sweater.


  2. I totally need to steal this look! Hope you dont mind, you are so fly!


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