Saturday, May 21, 2011

Colorful Head Wrap

As you can see the braids didn't quite work out. I'll have to wait a month or two before I can install them. My hair isn't long enough for how big I want the braids to be and I don't want small braids.So, I'll just have to wait longer (sad face). In the mean time I'll be happily rocking my short blonde hair for now. 

Now to the head wrap. I got this scarf a long time ago when I was in high school. I think it came from Macy's. At the time, I loved the scarf but eventually grew tired of it. So, it just sat in my dresser collecting dust. I still took it with me when I went to college just "in case" I could make some use of it. Still didn't until recently. I love the head wrap/turban trend and I have yet to go out and purchase more scarves. I only own three including this one, so I finally decided to use it and I'm in love again! 

I had to take all of my pictures by myself. Hard task! I decided to go ahead and get use to it because once I move to Miami I won't have anyone to do it for me. At least until I meet my new best friend. So bare with me. I also filmed a video by myself which took all of my light! From now on I'll be getting by butt up and doing shoots in the morning. Hopefully I'll get better at this! 

P.S.- using a self timer sucks!

(scarf-macy's| shoes, socks, white t-shirt- forver 21| jean jacket, shorts-thrifted| button down- my boyfriend's closet)


  1. love the look

  2. nice blog! :) i am here for the first time and i will be here often! i really like it. ;)
    so come to me too and follow if you want. :)

    kisses, anna. ;*

  3. Thank you! Really like your blog as well!!

  4. You did a pretty good job being your own photographer! Love the sock/show pairing:)

  5. This headwrap is too cute on you! I love the way you styled it. I so wish I could pull this look off.


  6. @Prissy: Girl, I know YOU can pull that off!

  7. cute turban!!


  8. I love how you styled your turban! I have been trying to figure out how to do that for the longest.

    sidenote: your skin is FLAWLESS !

  9. Loving this tutorial, I always wondered how to do this! And i totally agree with the gal above about your skin, gorgeous!

    xo Lynzy

  10. LOVE the head wrap! The way you tied it is perfection. You look so lovely :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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