Monday, May 16, 2011

Denim on Denim

It was a beautiful day! After all the rain the other day, you wouldn't think it would clean up so nicely. So, I have no complaints about the picture quality. Perfect weather for shooting. My camera works it's absolute best in this kind of lighting. It's the only way it works good actually. 

Today, I will be installing box braids! I'm super excited. I'm so tired of the hair I have now and I've been wanting box braids for months now! Ever since I've been seeing this new "waist length" style I've been dieing for them. I was over them at one point but I see them in a new light now. People have been styling them so nicely that I must try.

It'll probably take me all week to do. The goal is to complete them in two days but we'll see. I get so lazy sometimes. They also might look crazy. I have jet black braiding hair and MY hair is blonde. That should be interesting. I probably should have got a brownish black. Oh well. Next time you see me I will be braided up, hopefully.

(top-goodwill, shorts-rugged ware house, tight, socks, shoes- forever 21)

I like this look better with the shirt tucked out. Like in the second pic above. Now that I really look at this look, I would like it better with my combat boots. I was dieing to put on these heels though. I have no clue 

New music my Solange. I love it.
"Left side drive"


  1. Aint nothing like a comfy denim button up :-)

  2. great mix , love it xoxo

  3. Wow, you have such amazing style! I just found your blog and can't get enough (went through all archive). I am not anywhere nearly as casual, but the ease of your styling is inspiring to this twenty-something career girl!


    -La Copine


  4. Love your style, and I adore Solange ♥

  5. Great look, I love the denim-on-denim :) & good luck with those box braids :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  6. I <3 DENIM


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