Friday, March 11, 2011

Jungle Fever...

forever 21 head to toe

Found a great new location! Doesn't it remind you of the jungle?? Anyways, it was so windy that day. i.e. I hated my hair. I couldn't get it to stay in place due to the wind.

That shirt is my favorite purchase from forever 21. I love it! The animal print...ahhgh I had to have it! Now, the pants..I liked them when I first put them on. They seemed to fit pretty cute but when I wore them this day they just seemed so big! They're already an extra small. My shoes, which you've seen before, are becoming a favorite of mine.




  1. Cute look & great location!

  2. love your style. i'm a writer and i've been planning a character for months. can't get her out of my head. you are SO her style inspiration lol =)

    live long and stylish <3

  3. How neat is that? lol Thank you!

  4. dang! i wish i could pull off something like this and look so chic! fabulous :)

  5. You look amazing in that outfit and that hair color looks great on you.


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