Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Begin to live

DIY ripped shorts, bag & blazer- thrifted| random shirt| shoes- forever 21

Hi guys, as you can see I finally changed my purse! It was long over due. I actually had a hard time with the change, I didn't want to part with my brown bag. It's just so convenient for me. 

This has to be my favorite shoot yet. I love how casual the outfit is, the background and mostly because this is one of those days I like every single pic!!  It's been raining since yesterday and the sky is all grey and gloomy, it'll be like that for the rest of the week. So, I decided to wear some fun colors to brighten up my day! It definitely helped. Now, that it's the end of the school year the days are going by so slow, I've gotten so lazy and all my classes seem so pointless to me. I'm ready for the end! 

Would you guys like to see a small part of my school and my dorm room? I video taped some of it the other day. Just let me know! 


  1. Yeah i would like that.. I love this look on u=)

  2. I like your blog. And your photos and style are so awesome

  3. You look AWESOME in your plimsolls and shorts! I also love the leggings and little tennies too!! Very sexy.


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