Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Versatility

Forever 21 head to toe| Thrifted bag

I got these pants yesterday in the mail and I was super excited to wear them. Well, I wasn't excited after I put them on. I got them to small, I ordered an extra small instead of a small. I don't know why I did that. Anyway,  they fit like leggings. They were suppose to fit something like harem pants. I still like them, just not in love. I think they will look better with a heel. I'm just glad I finally own some animal print pants. Been wanting them forever!! These are high waisted with a belt, just in case you can't tell.

We're having such bad weather in Florida this week. We're currently getting hit by a bad storm. But at least it cooled things down a little. It was so hot today! Humid really. It was very annoying walking around in that heat. 

I went to the movies last night and seen Sucker Punch. I had no idea what this was until I got there. It was the only movie left to see...we got there late. It's an action fantasy and the main character takes us in her imagination the whole time as she tries to escape from a whore house. I really enjoyed it, surprisingly. Did any of you guys go see it? Did you like it?

Vintage Versatility

These are my fashion buddies at school. Guy on the far left is my bestie and the one who takes all of my photos. We started this group called Vintage Versatility. Just for fun lol! 



  1. Hi! Great look! I found your blog via chictopia! If you want, you can check out my personal style blog toO!

  2. luv this laid back and chill,even with the animal print.


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