Monday, January 13, 2014

Pastel Winter

I have been living in this coat for most of the winter. It was the first coat I purchased for the season and the best. For one, I LOVE the pink pastel color (not showing in the photos) and the shape of it. It's over-size, big and warm. It compliments almost every color I wear this season. The only thing that bothers me is my makeup! It gets all over the collar, sadly. 

I'm so desperately ready for the Spring/Summer to arrive. I am OVER the winter. I just want to prance around in sandals and bright colors already. This winter has been dry. I'm so focused on staying warm that what I'm actually wearing is of no importance. I usually just throw on layers and call it a day. Luckily, the weather has been flipping out. We've been getting some warmer days. I hope that means Spring will arrive early this year. 

I'm wearing a coat from H&M Trend, Sweater from Forever 21, Pants from H&M (last season), Shoes from Forever 21, Rings from H&M.

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  1. love the coast !!



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