Sunday, September 29, 2013


I was wasting time the other day and decided to go into Forever 21, which is right next to my job. Lawd knows I should have never took by butt in there! I don't know what it is but I looooove forever 21. I never go in there without leaving with something! This time I left out with a beautiful polka dotted sweater, nude oxfords and this MEOW cut-off sweat shirt <3.

I've decided to keep my hair like this a majority of the winter. When I have a hairstyle that I cannot stop looking at in the mirror, it's a keeper. I was going to go back to my pixie but I really don't want to relax my hair again. I punished my natural curls quite enough. So, this is what you'll be seeing for a while. 

My pictures suck. I clearly no longer know how to use my camera. 
I'm wearing my Forever 21 MEOW sweat shirt with a basic midi from H&M and Zara heels.

Until next time...


  1. such a cute shirt!
    and i love your hair :)


  2. Love your look! lovely photos!!!

  3. Wow.. quick question, can you tell me why i love you and your outfit/persona so much?!? I just came across your blog today and im smitten with your style. You kind of remind me of Solange, especially with that big hair of yours. You just got yourself a fan :)


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