Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby, baby please don't let me down

So, I downloaded Solange's EP on itunes the other day. The best thing my ears have ever heard. I cannot stop listening to it. Stays on repeat. And that explains the title to this post and the next few I'm sure. I'm even more excited because she's coming to DC November 2 and guess who has tickets to go see her?!

I got this skirt a few weeks ago at H&M, of course. It was the color that made me fall in love with it. Just beautiful! I paired it with an American Apparel crop top and Zara heels. I added my H&M jacket because its chilly now. Yay, to Fall weather! 

Until next time...


  1. I had no idea those Zara shoes where that low. I love them, I'm not a big high heel fan. I love to look at them but I can't wear them for a long period of time! I love this outfit though! The pink jacket and it's texture pulls this all together.


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