Saturday, February 23, 2013


 I picked this Tupac t-shirt up yesterday at work. I've had my eye on it for quite a while and just decided to get it on a whim along with these new boyfriend jeans. I was still on a high from getting tickets to go see Beyonce this summer and just started making rash decisions. I put myself on a very strict spending limit so this was not a good decision but oh well, I love me some Tupac.

I also received some really good news from work the other day. I had already been put in a new department that indicates employees who are heading towards growth aka promotions a few months ago. I had let them know that I was already a visual merchandiser previously and that I would like to do that after a few months. They decided that I was supervisor material instead, which is amazing. It's a position that I'm not interested in at all but it's more money and I will not turn it down. The process will take a few months and it's not guaranteed. It's up to me to prove to them I can do the job. So, wish me luck!!  

My most favorite photos are ALWAYS the ones that come out blurry. My camera and I have this little love hate relationship going on right now. I'm wearing a Tupac tunic and boyfriend jeans from H&M, socks from forever 21, shoes from and MMM x H&M biker jacket (no longer available)

Until next time...


  1. hi your look is so nice!
    i have searched mmm leather jacket.
    i wanna buy that jacket.
    can you tell me that jacket's size? also i want to know purchasing route and price too....^^;


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