Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Daze

Even though it's cold, I love when it rains. The rain is very therapeutic to me and I love the way the streets look after it's done. I'm spending this rainy day inside in bed sick as a dog. I'm really getting annoyed with this cold I have. It's been three days and showing no signs of getting better.  

 I'm wearing my fabulous new Zara shoes with an American Apparel parka, H&M quilted t-shirt, denim jacket, and black pants. I love this H&M denim jacket! It's from the men's section and it's the perfect fit, perfect color, perfect everything! 

I really hope this cold goes away soon. I can't even breathe without it hurting and working while sick is the absolute worse!! I probably didn't help the situation by standing outside in the cold rain to take these photos smh. Until next time...


  1. Again ... great combo... love the colors. I was looking those amazing heels at Zara, are they comfy?

  2. Looking good... again, love the color combination :-) new heels are amazing... I `ve been looking them myself :-) are they comfy?

    1. Thank you! They definitely have to be broken in first.


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