Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Happy, are those who Dream"

I didn't even have to ask. I went to work one day last week, covering a co-workers shift and I was asked to go to the office. I thought I was in trouble. I'd been late almost everyday that week. (The bus is no joke!) I thought I was finally about to get my first write up. I probably was overreacting though, it wasn't even my manager asking to see me, but still, you never know. My heart dropped when he asked me if I was interested in being a display merchandiser, at least I think that's the job title. Um, yeah I would!!

top-american apparel| pants-thrifted| shoes-forever 21| 

Simply put, I'll be styling the display windows. All I ever wanted to do. No more peasant work (what I call my sales position). I am getting a head of myself though. I still have to go through "training" and past a "test" to actually get the position, which is freaking me out! Knowing that I actually have to get tested makes me nervous because that means the job is not guaranteed. There's a possibility that I could fail. I haven't signed any papers yet. I'll be training all of this week starting today. *fingers crossed*


  1. gosh lovely your shirt is epic


  2. OMG lucky girl, don't worry you'll get the position.
    and the outfit SICK!

    J x

  3. Hey girl, you abs.look pretty. Your hair,this pants,necklace,top... Everything about this look is cool and pretty!

  4. Love that necklace and your shoes are georg!
    Congratulations on your upcoming job position...I have faith that you will get it!

  5. that's great ! I'm so happy for you
    I guess dreams really do come true :)

  6. well done and I love this look

  7. Wow! Love this outfit, from that velvet top to those amazing trousers, love it x

  8. This outfit is perfect! You look amazing also.


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