Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it!"

I've never been the type to be afraid to do what I want. So, I'm very surprised that yesterday I didn't ask for the only position I'm interested in doing at my job. That's to be a visual merchandiser. I'm taking visual merchandising classes now and I realized I actually like the crap. It's the closest thing I can get to styling right now. And it definitely beats being a sales associate a.k.a a maid/servant to rude people.

So, why didn't I ask about the position when I had the perfect opportunity? Where did this foreign feeling come from? I mean, the worse thing that could happen is getting rejected. But that's just it! I was all of sudden terrified of being told no, you don't qualify. We need someone with more experience. That's why I was afraid. I have absolutely nothing to bring to the table. I'm totally unprepared. But there's nothing wrong with finding out exactly what it is I need to do to be considered.

Pants & Chiffon Button Down| American Apparel | Black Wedges| Forever 21


  1. I love your shoes, they've been in my cart for about a week now. Great outfit!


  2. So classy! I also love your shoes and top. :)


  3. Having a bit of shoe envy at the moment! New to your blog and glad I found your stylish place on the web. Enjoy your day:D

  4. love your outfit !!!! and i hope that next time you wont be afraid to get what you want in life , especially if you've been working so hard to get there xoxo

  5. You will never get the experience if you don't try to get it! I'm sure you can do it! Everyone one is afraid of being turned down, but sometimes it better to get the rejection then the 10 years down the line... what if I would've? Love the wedges!

  6. love this look on you. You should be at Fashion Week.

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! loving this outfit!!


  8. I like your blog , discovered you on youtube. Congrats on your job at American Apparel


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