Friday, April 15, 2011

Strong Heart; Peaceful Mind

Glad to say I felt very good today, this outfit helped! I've said that I was bored with my wardrobe lately, well this outfit has definitely got me back into the swing of things. I love mixing prints. It's one of my favorite trends.  I got the shirt and shorts from a thrift store in Orlando last fall. One of my best purchases! I love the print on the shirt. I just wish that the sleeves weren't so big.

shorts & shirt- thrifted| shoes & bag- forever 21| 

I had a very simple day. I had two classes, which were in the morning, so I had the whole day to do nothing! And that's exactly what I did, nothing. How did I get into this routine of doing nothing all day? I don't understand it. There's definitely things I need to get done but I seem to never do them. I think it's because I don't write out my schedule anymore. I use to plan out my whole day on my dry erase board and I got things done. It's time to go back to that! 


  1. Wow you're photos are amazing as well as your hair. Loving the outfit and the shoes are fierce!

  2. I love it how you mix and match.. so chic! The blouse/shirt is just the bomb!

  3. Looove the feathered earring!

  4. You have def. amped up the spice. Good look.

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Digging the mixed prints.

    and love the new sleek professional look of your blog.

    Jen xx


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