Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Me Pink..

This is what I wore yesterday. I got in my room too late to post it. It's definitely not a favorite. You know how an outfit can make you feel good? Well, this didn't. I really was just trying to wear these shorts and I had a hard time pairing them with things. It's because of the fit. I usually don't wear shorts that fitted. Those are a pair of dress pants I cut up that I NEVER wear, by the way. You'll probably be seeing them again real soon, because I'm determined to find the perfect outfit for them. 

top & shoes- forever 21| shorts-DIY cut up pants| bag & vest - thrifted|

Also, I've been getting really bored with my outfits lately. I've been dressing really safe to me. I want them to have a little more personality but to do that, I feel that I need new clothes. So, there will hopefully be a thrift store haul coming up real soon.


  1. Cool combination! The colors flow well together!

  2. I read this article on about people who are more intuned with fashion find themselves in a fashion rut more often than others! I feel your pain!

  3. That shade of green/blue and pink luk hot together! Suits ur skin tone :)

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  4. omg i WISH i could put together something like this. trust me, when you think you look the worst, other internet lurkers (like myself) LOVE it

  5. you look gorgeous - love your whole swagger, and love the different pops of colour :) xx

  6. HEY CHICK!!!
    i love the colors in this fit.

    Reminds me of sugar, or a LaffyTaffy :-)


    but i noticed yu on another blog and i thought id come share my love!

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    see ya there! stay fab!

  7. The color blocking looks great! I must try this, this summer


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