Wednesday, March 16, 2011

“I am not waiting for tomorrow because I am busy bringing the best out of today.”

pants & shoes- forever 21| jean vest & black & white top- thrifted

Today I felt like I just got up to walk around. I did go to my classes but we didn't do anything. The best thing about my day was this photo shoot. A chance to get away from the school. I definitely need to find something productive to do with my time.

The black and white top I have on is a top that I thrifted for a $1. I got it during the winter. Everything in the store was a dollar, so I decided to get it and save it for when it was warm. Well, it's warm! I was trying to get away from wearing the things I got from forever 21 but that didn't work. I'm ready to go spring thrifting, I'm tired of my outfits being solely forever 21. 

Today I did get the chance to pick up a bus schedule! I'm very excited about that. Back at home all I do is ride the bus. Finally, I can start doing that here. I'm sick of being stranded at the school. Plus, the bus is only $1.50. Score! That's dirt cheap. The first place I'm going is to the mall so I can get some contacts. Can you believe I've been walking around blind for 6 months??



  1. Love you blog! I gave you an award. See my page for details!

  2. You really love those shoes huh? Well, I like them too. Though I am not a fan of denim jackets you made this one your own and I like it. I love bus rides I need to start doing them solo more often. They are a dollar here.

    About the hair. I have had my hair really short (like an inch) and grew it past shoulder length within two years but because my curls are so tight I felt like I didn't get anywhere until I permed it and realized that it grew a lot. So this time I am going to texlax to stretch my curls out a bit. And a good weave/wig can always help the awkward situations. HTH.

  3. this outfit look so raw...i love it^^

  4. Lovely outfit hun, love the denim waistcoat. Those pants just work on you!


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