Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animal Print

Feeling my new cut today! I always like something better when I actually see it in photos. I feel like, okay, it looks good in photos so it must look okay in person. When I look at it in the mirror I just see bald lol. You know, because the hair color makes it blend in with my skin. 

tights,shoes,bag- forever 21| D.I.Y shorts- thrifted | aniaml print shirt- charloute russe| cropped cardigan-random

I was re-creating a look I'd saw with this outfit. Even though it looks nothing like the look I saw, it just gave me a push. I'm at that point where I feel like I have absolutely no clothes to wear. I haven't went thrifting in forever and I'm bored with my wardrobe. I need to make a visit ASAP!

I also re-constructed these shorts. I usually wear them folded but I decided to cut them and rip them up a but more. Put them in the wash machine and Wa La!!

Having a great day by the way. It's really warm today here in Florida. Super breezy though.



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  1. Love the wedges, they have got some attitude...x



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