Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cheetah Print Tracks

I've been feeling a little uninspired by fashion lately. I've been feeling like my style has become so generic for a while. I'm actually positive that it has. When I first began my blog, I was a sophomore in college. I had no money, so I went thrift store shopping. That's all my wardrobe consisted of for like 2 years. So my style was very unique and truly my own. I've actually started to look back at my old photos to get inspiration from myself. Now, that I started working in retail it's really hard for me not to be trendy. Especially working at a store like H&M. The company specifically goes after every trend each season. Since I spend most of my life there, I shop it! 

I'm trying to get back to my old self. Stop shopping for one, and gain my style back. I wear so many different styles when I actually think true style is having a style that is YOU and all your own. For example, Solange Knowles. She has a style that she can be identified as, that's all her own. She loves prints and color, everyone knows that. I want to regain that. At one point I had a style all my own. Even when mixing in trends, I always stayed very true to myself. 

This outfit is a good way to get back on that track. I usually only photograph my outfits when I'm in heels. In reality, I hardly wear heels anymore because I work so much. 

I'm loving this outfit because I'm wearing my favorite print, cheetah, from H&M. Along with an orange skirt c/o amiclubwear, and my new go to chunky sandals from H&M Divided Black. 

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