Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The more I think about it....

I actually hated my last two outfit post. I was in one of those moods where I felt like I had nothing to wear and just threw on any ol' thing. Well, I'm out of that funk! 

The temperature has been up and down lately. Today was an up day. So, I got away with wearing my American Apparel knit skirt and striped cropped turtle neck with my fav. black and white Zara heels and H&M pink wool jacket.  

I know, picture over load. I'll most likely delete some once I have time to really look at them. I like all my pics when I first take them and then I start to hate them. It's a problem. Sad thing is I took 50!! Until next time...(throws up peace sign) 


  1. Aw I am thinking of buying this coat too! Lucky you got it uploaded here so I can actually see how it looks like in real life ^^ only available online :( Any recommendation about the size, the level of warmth and material? Thanks in advance :)

    1. It's true to size. I wear a size 6 in coats and it's a good fit. It's not a heavy jacket so it won't keep you warm if it's freezing outside but if it's just cold and not freezing it'll do. The material is a little itchy but nothing too annoying.

    2. awesome! thanks! all sold out now lol H&M should really pay u :x great combination here!

  2. You are literally the definition of exquisite <3

  3. wow you look beautiful! xo

  4. I love you last outfit, very casual... It's not always a glass slipper kinda day ;)


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