Saturday, January 19, 2013

While the sunsets

I can't believe I'm outside in an outfit like this. It's chilly but it's not cold. That's heaven. Anyway, I found the perfect time to do shoots which is while the sun is setting. I don't know why I'm so excited about that but I am. 

I'm getting ready to go to a party in a few. I'm going with my mom and her husband. It might be a birthday party, not sure, but I just want to get some good food : ) I decided to wear this comfortable chic outfit which didn't photograph well in my opinion. The shirt is supposed to be slouched but hey!

Wearing H&M men's quilted t-shirt, American Apparel velvet skirt, H&M mesh booties, and H&M Trend fur coat that I live in.


  1. UMMM...yes FOLLOWING you due to your amazing style. SO non chalant, relaxed, and CHIC. Work it girl. Love what you've got goin on.



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