Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else."

I guess you can say that I'm never satisfied. Wasn't I really excited in my other post about my new position? Can you believe that excitement is totally non-existent now? Or could you believe that I absolutely hate my job? Who would have thought? I'm styling! That's what I love to do, but I must say, there is much more to being a merchandiser than just simply putting clothes on a mannequin. Not that I wasn't prepared for that. I did, after all, take visual merchandising classes in school. I just wasn't aware of how much I actually hate being a visual merchandiser.

I literally have no fun. Styling isn't even fun. Why? Because you're so focused on making sure that you create "the look" they're going for that you miss the fun part. On top of that, mannequins are the devil. They are these evil things that just do not want to cooperate with you. They also way a ton! Sometimes I have to get on a ladder and lift these huge things up to put them on a shelf and while I'm doing that they like to fall apart! Anyway, by the end of the day I'm completely exhausted, very upset, and depressed that I have to come back the next day and do it all over again. Not to mention that I sometimes work 10-14 hour days. And to put the icing on the cake, I still haven't actually got the promotion or my raise! It's been a month and two weeks. I thought this would make being in Miami a bit better for me. I was wrong, it made it much worse.

 Top-forever 21| leather leggings-forever 21| bag-forever 21| shoes-urbanog.com| random bracelets 

Now that I'm done complaining, I have much catching up to do with you guys. A few things have changed within the last month. For me, none of it is good changes. I hate complaining but I'm at a low right now, been here for a while now. I'm actually in the process of searching for some good motivational and inspirational books to get me out of my funk. Something to help me to see the good things in my current situation. But for now, I have to go get in the shower and get ready for work.

By the way, everything went wrong with this shoot. That's why there are no full body shots. I'm disappointed I couldn't show the details of my pants but these pics will have to do right?


  1. Wishing you strength and direction....I hope everything turns around for you and the purpose behind all of your choices finally revealed...

  2. I'm praying for you that God will see you through all your troubles. Find comfort in Jesus sweetie :)))

  3. We all go through these types of rough patches. Things will get better. I was thinking about you lately and I am glad to see you are alive and still fly! I have no cell phone these days so if you ever have tried to contact me that way....oops! :( But anyway, keep your head up you gorgeous girl you!

  4. Come on ! It's your dream ! I wish I had your job, it's only the begining, the first year is always hard, then you'll stop putting pressure on you to find 'the look'and everything will be fun and easy.... You're gonna make it ! HUGE KISS !

  5. Come on ! It's your dream, a little more motivation please. The first year is always hard, you want to do everything good, you put too much pressre on you, it's ok. You have an incredible sense of style, so no more stress and try to appreciate your new position.

    And if you really don't like what you're doing, just stop,life is short, we're young, and we have the choice to do whatever we like!

    Hope you'll fond your way xoxoxoxox

  6. Cute outfit,all things work together for those that believe in God,pray to him and you will see a change

  7. You are so gorgeous! I love your style blog and I love your DIY dye your own shorts tutorial that I found on YouTube. That's how I found you and now I look forward to reading all of your future posts! I am a Florida girl like you and am from Ft. Lauderdale and will be moving back there next month. Anyway, thanks for the good vibes! I also style it up on my blog www.AutomaticDoll.com.

  8. Omg i found a cool person you! I loooove your style+blog!

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti


  9. Your leggings are super cute!!! I've been looking for some like this for awhile. You have a nice blog! Sidenote, Iyanla Vanzant has some great inspirational books. I'm reading one of her books called In the Meantime, and it's been really helpful for me as I move out of this funk in my life.

  10. Really love your hair, it's great.
    Loving the lippy and necklace too!! xx


  11. Love those pants in combination with neon. Great look!


  12. if your dont mind me asking where do you work? love the outfit btw!


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