Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peach Blazer

When you see this background, the wooden fence, this would be me taking my own photos. I don't want any confusion. I get my sister to take my photos when she's up to it. This is an outfit from yesterday. For some reason blogger wasn't working last night, so I wasn't able to post it. I've been wanting to wear this blazer for a while now. I just love the color! I couldn't take a good shot to save my life though! I think the glasses are over whelming my face. They always slide down, never sitting on my face correctly. 

Right now it's early in the morning, for me at least. I was awaken out of my sleep involuntarily, so I'm exhausted. When I stop being lazy I'll get up and fix me a cup of ice coffee. 

blazer-thrifted, socks, shoes, romper-forever 21


  1. super chic and gorgeous as always!!!!

  2. Lovely look!

  3. Great look as always!

    Jen xx

  4. admiring your thrift skills, been looking, well still searching high and low for a blazer like that!

  5. loving this outfit and that peach blazer!! you are sooo incredibly fly!!


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