Monday, June 6, 2011

Forever 21 & Thrift Store Haul

I went to forever 21 a week ago and the thrift store this pass weekend. Forever 21 is like the only store I shop other than the thrift store which I'm sure you guys have noticed already. I love it! They have all the latest trends for affordable prices. Yes, I'm very into trends. A lot of people always try to claim they're not into trends like it's a bad thing. I kind of think that's impossible to say you're not into trends. They're hard to avoid being it's the latest trend so it will be EVERY WHERE!  I think you're going to own at least one trendy item. Unless you don't shop often, then I could see how that would be true. Anyway, just my opinion. 

I tried a store that I usually don't go to. It was the Goodwill. The store of course is not new and I have shopped at a good will before but this one was in Orlando and I haven't been to one there yet. I hated it! It was way to high and didn't have a good selection. I still got something though. Then, I decided to go to my fav. place, the salvation army. It never disappoints. 

"Forever 21 Haul"

Tribal print skirt. Love the shape of it. That's what made me purchase it.

Green tribal print shorts. Love the ruffles at the end. Thought these were something edgy to add to my wardrobe.

Grey romper. Really cute and comfortable. So many ways to wear rompers, I love them.

Maxi dress w/flower print. My first maxi dress. I don't know what took me so long to purchase one.

My favorite buy! Abstract print dress. It's so beautiful! 

A simple racer back tank. Need more of these. 

A pair of readers. Been wanting a pair for forever and a day. My fav. style of glasses.

Glasses on a necklace! 

"Thrift Store Haul"

Tribal print blazer

Lavender shorts and hot pink belt. I only own three belts and none of them have color. So, I was very happy to pick this one up.

High waist pants. I planned on doing a DIY w/these but I'm not sure yet. I kind of like the way they fit but I'm leaning towards cutting them.

Cute spring/summer color jacket. It's pretty heavy so it's actually too hot to wear out but something I'd take w/me when I know I'm going to be in a cold building.

More belts!

Well, that's all. I'll be posting a video soon so you guys can see what the clothes look like on. 


  1. That maxi dress looks gorgeous! Nice haul.

  2. Nice haul. I tried on the tribal skirt & really liked it, but I didn't buy it since I had too many other items to buy, but can't wait to see how u put these together in outfits!

  3. Very nice pieces. Are you back in Va yet? If sooo just wondering what thrift stores you visit.

  4. That black button up from the thrift store is a beauty.

  5. @special k: I am. I haven't gotten the chance to explore thrift stores here yet. I will be going soon, so look out fr that.

  6. lovely finds! i'm very curious on how you'll match them... keep it up!



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