Friday, May 13, 2011

Cute & Casual

It was extremely hot yesterday! So, I wanted to keep cool as much as possible! Of course that didn't work. I still in enjoyed wearing these new thrifted shorts I got from the thrift store in Daytona. It became an instant fav. I can't wait to do some more thrift shopping so I can stalk my closet with beautiful spring/summer colors! 

I've been spending my days in Orlando, usually out somewhere with my boyfriend. I only have a limited time with him. I have to go home to Virgina, while he stays here in Florida in school. Even when I come back in July I'll be far since I'm moving to Miami. So, we're squeezing the hell out of all the time we have! 

The photos are suck-y. The sun was going down by the time I decided to shoot them. *womp womp*

(shirt- thrifted, shorts-thrifted, shoes-forever 21)

"I've also been practicing my makeup skills. I get better each time."

Along with that, I've created a NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Here, I will be posting everything related to my outfits, hair, and makeup! I'd appreciate it if you guys subscribed! <3 (But only if you want, no pressure :P)

My first official video!


  1. Congrats and I think your off to a great start with your makeup! I'm a freelance MUA in NY and I have a beauty blog and a beauty channel on YT...check it out if you like...all the links r on my blog found if u click on my profile! :) Cute shorts too!

  2. I love those shorts.

  3. cute look, the make up is on point! good job.


  4. love the pop of blue, and adore those boots !


  5. you looks great! I love this look!!

  6. I luve those shorts you're wearing. Gives a wonderful pop of color!

  7. this is a cute outfit and im loving the thrifted shorts and the glasses. and your make up looks flawless lovee it :-) im following you follow back if you like xoxo

  8. I love those shorts and they look so cute with those stripes. You makeup looks beautiful, you have really pretty skin!

  9. Cute shorts, I love it with the top. And those are great earrings!! You're makeup looks great! I would love for you to check out and follow my blog if you like it!!

    Live Life in Style

  10. I really like your style
    special mention for your video

  11. love the outfit and the make up looks so great on you xoxo

  12. You're absolutely gorgeous!
    Your skin is so clear! and those shorts are super (:



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